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Immerse your students in the captivating realm of robotics. From building and programming robots to solving real-world challenges, they'll develop critical problem-solving skills and witness the magic of automation come to life! Prepare your students for the future by introducing them to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Watch as they learn to harness the power of algorithms, machine learning, and AI technologies, and witness their ability to create solutions that can change the world.

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Robotics & Machine Learning

grade 5 (and above)

Robotics, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities have been quickly making their way into industrial robotics technology. Manufacturers aim to enhance standard industrial robots' rigid, inflexible capabilities in the never-ending quest to improve productivity. In our following lessons, we will do our best to offer solutions to real-world problems in industries powered by robotics and artificial intelligence!  

During this module, students will participate in hands-on projects in designing and developing solutions in industrial robotics technology. They will use simple LEGO elements to build robotic models, simulating similar robotic solutions found in industries, such as robotic product sorting conveyor, intelligent arms, autonomous forklift, etc

Machine Learning with Scratch

grades 1-4

In this six-course module, we will introduce primary school students to hands-on experience of Artificial Intelligence's magical and playful world . Students can learn the basics of machine learning and coding by creating projects and building games with the machine learning models they've trained.  

Lessons in this course are based on the gamification method. Students will use the game development app, "Scratch", to create games while learning to use machine learning and coding. Students will first teach the machine learning engine by inserting data inputs via sound, text, images or webcam images and exporting the project outputs in the "Scratch" platform to incorporate into their code. 



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